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iDidaRide Kaslo XC Mountain Bike and Trail Running Races

  • 11 Aug 2018
  • Kaslo, B.C.

The inaugural iDIDaRide & Run event took place in 2017 and was an overwhelming success… so many people had too much fun! All ages participated, from as young as 6 through to 71 years, and each participant achieved their iDIDaRide personal best

We are offering:

40+ km ~ Ride Only

20+ km ~ Ride or Run

8+ km ~ Ride or Run

iDIDaRide & Run offers a real challenge for the competitive athlete looking for an all mountain bike adventure on our world class 40+km point-2-point trail. Experienced trail runners test themselves in the 20km; sharing the course with the 20km bikers who are up for a challenge but interested in the shorter time commitment. The 8km (both bike and run) is the event that rocks with families and newbies, breaking that mental barrier which often prevents a person from entering backcountry sports.

The iDIDaRide & Run 40+km Our picturesque route flows round the town. The long race traverses the face of Mt Buchanan, behind the Village of Kaslo, then heads west after a condition-testing climb from the shores of Kootenay Lake. It is tempting to be distracted by the stunning views along the West Access Trail – resist – stay focused on the testy single track in front of you. After the big climb and shredding the technical, you drop out on to the 2-lane highway and enjoy a slight reprieve as you cruise back down towards town before going off-road again.

The long gentle switchbacks of the River Moss trail beckon you upwards to the airport – where the 20km begins – and soon enough you are in the True Blue Recreation area south of town. Here you climb and grind the last 20 km, peaking on the breathtaking vistas seen from Strawberry Ridge. Then it’s all downhill on lovely  single tracks “Look Way Up” and “I’ll Call Rusty” which connect you to the Kaslo River Trail. The home stretch follows the river all the way to the finish line at the beach on Kootenay Lake.

The iDIDaRide & Run 20+km ride, which is the second half of the 40km, is perfect for those looking for a testy riding adventure, but not quite ready for the endurance challenge of the 40. The 20km Run follows the same route and will be a rewarding feat for the trail runner.

The iDIDaRide & Run 8+km is suitable for all ages and abilities – people who are looking for a short time commitment with a little bit of a challenge. It is mostly just a nice ride. As an 8.5 km Run, the course may be a sprint for some, while others will find it a nice easy workout alongside the beautiful Kaslo River.

For more information, please visit: http://ididaride-kaslo.ca/ 

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